Changing Seasons in Canberra

This week I have really noticed the changing seasons in Canberra. It is starting to be just that little bit darker when I wake up in the morning which means my brain is having trouble motivating my body to get out of bed.

With all the rain (which is in itself unusual) we have been having lately the Tuggeranong valey is starting to green up nicely. Last night we had a pretty wild thunder and lightning show along with a very thick down pour of rain.

At about 21:30ish we lost power on the appliance circuit of our house so I had to go down and flick the switch (picture me out in the pouring rain olding a LED-lamp trying to figure out which of the switches on the panel on the side of the house is the emergency shut off switch).

The view from the bus stop this morning was spectacular, everything is smelling fresh and for the first time in a long while the fog is invading the valley.

If you are planning on coming to Canberra now is definately a good time of the year.


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