George W. Bush could be replaced by Windows Workflow Foundation.

Jeff Ventura has done the analysis and proven that George W. Bush could be replaced by Windows Workflow Foundation. Based on Jeff’s workflow I’ve determined that in order to implement the GeorgeBush workflow we would need to implement the following external data services:

  • ArmyService
  • NavyService
  • AirforceService
  • CIAService
  • UNService
  • CondyService
  • CoalitionOfTheWillingService

I don’t have the workflow designer installed on this machine so I can’t show you the WF implementation and I am yet to decide whether it should be a sequential workflow or a state machine workflow.

Disclaimer: I know people who are currently over in IRAQ (Australians and Americans) and I am not making light of their situation.



6 thoughts on “George W. Bush could be replaced by Windows Workflow Foundation.

  1. Kevin Daly

    There are of course quite a lot of Iraqi-type people over in Iraq right now (although not quite as many as there were a while ago), and we should also of course not make light of *their* situation.
    Which is: Hell, courtesy of George Bush and his collaborators and enablers, all of whom (including Self-Appointed Viceroy For Asia-Pacific Region Howard) I hope to one day see on trial.

  2. Nicolas Webb

    Well, if we are going with Jeff’s model of the situation, it should definitely be a sequential workflow. Although the state machine might make it more interesting.

    I might work on this (I do have the WF designer installed) and see which one looks more promising.

  3. Terry

    You guys are programmers or just “stupid” libs. Talk is cheap,,,if you can’t do it let George Bush and his team accomplish it. Don’t just sit around and criticize. That is what liberals do for living. And I hate those people.

    After 9/11 happen, they started to point the finger. But then some one stand up for country; the “lib” want to bring them down.

    I considered these people are traitors

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Terry,

    I can’t be a traitor to the US. I am not a US citizen, neither is Kevin, not sure about Aly or Nicolas. Anyway – criticism of the government does not mean you are a traitor – especially in the US if I understand the history correctly.

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