When it rains it hails.

I knew I said that the seasons were changing in Canberra, but I didn’t realise just how much. I wrote this first post whilst I was on the bus in the south of Canberra. By the time we got to Civic everyone was looking out of the windows in awe – pretty much all of Canberra-town itself was covered in a layer of either hail (must have laid over night) or leaves that had been shredded off trees.

It must have been pretty severe because some trees have been completely stripped of leaves and in some spots there is a good foot of ice on top of the ground (amazing). Unfortunately my phone just ran out of batteries so I can’t take a photo (new battery should arrive next week).

If you are coming through Canberra this morning expect delays, from what I overhear on the bus CB radio, there are quite a few trees down around town.

Geoff Appleby has some great photos of what it was like in the city last night – pretty impressive stuff.


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