Readify is going Tablet PC . . .

At Readify we are pretty lucky in that we have a fair degree of choice about what computing devices we use. Our ability to support ourselves (for the most part) means that we don’t need to standardise on one or two devices. Having said that, based on personal recommendations trends do evolve so I would say that the most common devices are:

  • Dell Lattitude D820
  • Dell Precision M65/M70
  • Dell Inspiron 6000/9300 (retiring fleet)

But over the last couple of weeks a new trend has been developing. Some of my peers here in Canberra have been purchasing Fujitsu Tablet PC’s, specifically the LifeBook T4215. Last year I purchased a T4210 from Hugo over a Tegatech. Both Grant and Darren are starting on their paperless journey and over the next twelve months I predict that a good percentage of the company will convert to Tablet PCs (the Fujitsu T4215 and future models of the same family will be popular because of their decent developer grade specs – screen resolution aside).

So – who is next? Well I know that Paul Stovell has just made the decision to get a Tablet PC and I think that Chris Burrows won’t be too far behind. I’m pretty sure that our two CEO’s will be converts too after tomorrow (even if the purchase decision comes later) 😛


2 thoughts on “Readify is going Tablet PC . . .

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    See you there Hugo. Will get to your e-mail in a few hours (got a bit of a backlog I have to get through before I can leave tomorrow :P)

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