MVP Summit: Canberra to Sydney

I am on my way to the MVP Summit in Seattle. The MVP Summit is an event where MVPs from all around the world can get together and talk to the product teams about various issues as well as getting a preview of upcoming releases very early in the development cycle. It is great for MVPs but also great for the community because by the time something arrives there is more chance that it meets peoples requirements. I am planning about blogging as much of the summit as possible but there are limits – I have signed an NDA (all MVPs have) which stops us from disclosing certain bits of information.

This is my second MVP Summit and I am looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces but also meeting lots of new people. The photo on this post is a picture of my boarding pass for the Canberra to Sydney leg of the trip and I am sitting in the gate lounge now waiting to board the flight to Los Angeles.

I am flying over with Darren Neimke who better get here soon, but I suspect he is boozing up in the Qantas Club 🙂


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