MVP Summit: Sydney to Los Angeles

I’m sitting on the Qantas flight (QF11) between Sydney and Los Angeles cruising at about 39,000ft. According to the inflight entertainment system we have been in the air for about twelve hours and there is just under an hour and a half left before we touch down.

The flight has been fairly uneventful, Darren showed me some new Professional Development stuff that he has been working on for the guys at Readify and I provided a bit of feedback. I’ve managed to get some disjointed sleep but I suspect that I’ll hit the wall on the flight between Los Angeles and Seattle and be over it by the time I get into the hotel.

We are also travelling with Rob Farley who caught the plane over from Adelaide with Darren. Here are two candid shots of my travelling companions!

Update: Delay!!! Our landing into LAX was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Seattle. We are now on a later flight which probably won’t see us checking in until about 7:30PM. It could be later because the lady at the Alaska check-in counter said that the flight was over booked.

I also lost my Passport (then found it again). I got the SSSS ticket which means that I had to go for extra special treatment and I accidentally left the Passport at the inspection point.


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