MVP Summit: Los Angeles to Seattle

To the left is a picture of a completely useless airline ticket. Before we landed in Los Angeles we knew that it was incredibly unlikely that we were going to make our Seattle connection and that was confirmed when we got to the line at US border security (or whatever it is called, immigration doesn’t seem like the right word here because I’m not immigrating).

Anyway – we ended up getting bumped to a later flight on Alaska which was overbooked. The lass at the customer service desk was great and we ended up on the flight. The flight itself was delayed by about an hour and then we were put into a holding pattern over Seattle. Some folks that I have spoken to this morning have asked if we had a rough landing but if you have ever flown into Canberra as the change of seasons you will understand why I didn’t think that it was particularly rough.

We ended up getting into the hotel (Hilton, Downtown Seattle) at about 8:30PM or something like that which means that we had been travelling for a grand total of about 30 hours (by Darren’s estimate who is hidin behind the Burger King/Hungry Jacks drink below – the math was too hard for me).

All in all its been a pretty good trip so far, despite the delays – we are all here now and I’ve already been out this morning to get some of the fresh (meaning cold, not meaning clear of smog) air. I really like Seattle in the morning, with he rain over night everything has that nice washed down feeling to it – you don’t get that in Canberra, especially during the summer.


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