MVP Summit: Registration and Expo + Windows Home Server

This post is brought to you by Starbucks. Today was the Registration and Expo day at the MVP Summit. It is an interesting experience, I am definately in the presence of geeks and there is about 1.5 laptops per person. The wireless is pretty good right now (this post is being brought to you courtesy of a free wireless connection as well).

Before registration we went down to a session on Windows Home Server which is an upcoming product from Microsoft which is designed to help people who are not geeks run their home networks and manage their growing pool of digital assets.

I think that this is one of the most exciting products that Microsoft will ship in the future, not only because of what it does out of the box, but also for the opportunities that it will create for software vendors to embrace and extend the platform.

Unfortunately I am not sure how much of the session detail I can reveal (so I won’t reveal anything), but I can suggest that if you are into this stuff – go and check out the Connect site.


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