MVP Summit: Choice

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One thing is for sure, in the USA there is certainly a lot of choice. Right now I am sitting in the lobby of the Hilton after catching some sessions at the MVP Summit and I am getting myself ready (by drinking coffee) for an evening out catching some stimulating discussion.

As I drink my coffee I am distracted by the sheer number of choices available to me when completing this simple task. The sugar container contains no less than four different types of sugar.

  • Hilton-branded
  • Splenda
  • Sweet ‘n Low
  • Equal

If I was ordering a coffee from Starbucks I would have the additional option of ordering a triple cafe latte vanila shot with mock cream and caramel topping – but I digress. The point is that the US provides a lot of choice to people which can be daunting for people like me coming from a smaller (and younger) economy.

This is my fifth or sixth trip to the US and I don’t think I’ve really taken the time to sit down and contrast the differences before.


One thought on “MVP Summit: Choice

  1. mabster

    I remember going to a deli in New York and ordering a chicken and cheese sandwich.

    What type of bread? What type of cheese? What kind of chicken?

    I’m surprised they didn’t offer me a choice of butter or margerine.

    Even the simplest things over there have become like games of twenty questions.

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