CardSpace for DotNetNuke

This is frick’n awesome. Dan Bartholomew has implemented a CardSpace module for DotNetNuke which allows users to submit a cardspace instead of creating a login. With this module now available I reckon a lot of the DNN sites out there will adopt CardSpace in a big way and it should really help drive adoption. The experience was a lot easier than registering yet another password for another site.

One suggestion I would make is when the CardSpace image is clicked on the login page, turn it into an animated GIF. The CardSpace selector can take a few moments to come up on some systems so this will stop people clicking repeatedly and potentially getting frustraited.

SharePoint Challenge:

So where is the SharePoint CardSpace login provider, maybe this is something that Matthew, Aaron and Neville should look at!!


2 thoughts on “CardSpace for DotNetNuke

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