Get Ready for CodeCampOz 2007

Well, the third annual CodeCampOz is less than a week away (Saturday and Sunday in Wagga Wagga) and the current registrations tell us that about 120 people will be attending. The event is going to be great this year! Here is my top five list for getting ready to go to Code Camp!

  1. Register, if you haven’t already.
  2. Arrange transportation – I’ve hired a van for the event so I can shuttle people around in Wagga Wagga, so if you are without a lift at th event and you need a ride back into town grab the person wearing a Readify shirt and “” on the back.
  3. Arrange accomodation. The hotels are booking out fast so you really need to organise this ASAP.
  4. Ask a friends and co-workers “in the business” if they want to come along for a road trip, CodeCampOz is open to all denominations – including Java programmers.
  5. Pack your laptop, clothes (in order of importance) and get going!

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