So, are we ready for CardSpace already?

A link to this article about a fairly horrific exposure of usernames and passwords was doing the rounds on the internal mail system today and it caused a little bit of conversation. I feel sorry for everyone involved in these situations because no one deliberately sets out to see this happen (except for maybe hackers).

This is one of the reasons I maintain a password database with unique passwords for most of the different sites I visit. I couldn’t event tell you what most of then are except for a few that I reguarly use each day.

One thing is for sure – as this kind of stuff continues to happen the case for technologies like CardSpace gets stronger and stronger. I used Daniel’s CardSpace module for DNN today and it worked fairly well (one glitch that I reported) – the user experience was good and I know that I just need to backup my cards before I rebuild my machine.


3 thoughts on “So, are we ready for CardSpace already?

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  2. mabster

    I’m surprised that Microsoft haven’t tied Windows Live ID to CardSpace yet. I’m sick of having to retype my password every time I try to visit the MSDN Benefits site, or the forums, or their Connect site etc etc.

  3. Daniel Bartholomew

    The Live Labs STS is a beta product that is sort of like this:

    1) Sign into the Live Labs STS with your Live Id
    2) Create a Managed Card using a Self Issued Card
    3) Install the Managed Card into your Identity Selector


    4) Use the Managed Card to sign into a Live Labs STS supported site.

    I will have a DotNetNuke demo of this running over the weekend hopefully.

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