Latest updates about CodeCampOz 2007.

Greg took the time to write up the following e-mail and send it out to all folks who have registered for CodeCampOz this year but I thought I would post it here as well.


Friday night. There is a place called Montezumas in the city. It’s a Mexican restaurant and has an area out the back that they let us congregate. You need to cover the cost of any meals you have there. It’s usually a pretty good night for those that get in early and a good chance to network.

Saturday/Sunday lunch. This year, Avanade is sponsoring the lunches. We’ll have soft-drinks, garlic bread and pizzas (some vegetarian). The campus is a distance from the city so if you’re keen for anything else, I’d suggest bringing it as the lunch break is short.

Saturday/Sunday morning/afternoon tea. The folk at the IT Masters and CSU provide this for us.

Saturday wine/cheese tasting. This is always a favourite and is again courtesy of our friends at IT Masters and CSU.

Saturday night. There is a buffet restaurant called the Golden Seasons. It’s got a mixture of food and is pretty low cost. It again has a large area out the back that we occupy when we’re there. You’ll need to cover the cost of it yourself. Make sure you ask about the buffet option though when you enter as it’s often not obvious that it’s available. Most people seem to prefer it.


Most people would have organised travel by now. If you have specific issues and need some shared travel help, as always Corneliu will do his best to help. You can get him at

The sessions will be held at Wal Fife Theatre which is at the main campus north of the city. See for more info. Anthony Chan (CSU lecturer) has kindly created signs that will guide you to the event.


I’ve had a number of people ask if you need laptops. No, you don’t. The sessions are held in a university-style lecture room. Many people find using a laptop helpful to take notes or try things but you don’t need to. There is wireless internet access available (web proxy only) while we are there. Please don’t abuse this (download wise) as we need to cover the costs of downloads. Normal email or web-browsing is fine.


If you have any other questions, please just send them to If you are no longer able to come, please also advise us at to help with catering.

Otherwise, have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you there.


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