JustAnger.com in the context of the Kathy Sierra incident.

I first read about the personal attacks on Kathy Sierra on Graceful Flavour (one of the bloggers on MY A-List). At the time I saved the posts because I wanted to blog about them as a show of support for Kathy (I am one of her readers) but I was flat out too busy at the time. Right now I am at the Code Camp Oz 2007 conference being held in Wagga Wagga and have some WiFi access so I thought I would read some feeds and catch up with some posting myself.

It was then that I came across JustAnger.com on CentreNetworks. It is an interesting application in its Googl-esk simplicity in that it just has a text box that you can vent your spleen into and the aggregate of which it builds a tag cloud from. You can drill down into the tag cloud and see what people are saying.

As someone who has an alter-ego blog that I use for therapy I can understand the need to get things off your chest – it is healthy, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Along these lines I was thinking that JustAnger should have a “make me safe” check box which is turned on by default that essentially results in your “anger” being moderated, vetted, and potentially dropped from the cloud all together.

Not doing so potentially creates an environment where people like Kathy can be attacked at a VERY personal level. I hope the JustAnger.com insurance is good…


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