CodeCampOz 2007: The Aftermath

Well, its Tuesday morning and CodeCampOz is starting to become a distant memory but we can see the digital memories of the event surfacing on the blogs of the Australian .NET community members. William has posted up a very large set of photos from the event, Frank is being a human aggregator, Chuck is complimenting Dan, Joseph and Joel on their presentations and some of the mailing lists are starting to get discussion about what people liked and what peole didn’t.

On a personal note I’d like to thank the 200+ people that attended the event this year because without them it wouldn’t be a success. I’d also like to thank Greg Low who is a co-organiser of the event, a lot of people don’t realise this but Greg does most of the work behind the scenes from replying to e-mails, and handling various other logisitical issues – so thanks Greg!

Finally a big thank-you to those organisations that sponsored the event including Microsoft, Charles Sturt University, Avanade and Readify.

Update: Aymeric has posted some photos to his Flickr account.


3 thoughts on “CodeCampOz 2007: The Aftermath

  1. Blair

    Well Done to yourself and Greg, looks like another great Code Camp. The T-Shirts looked really good, almost like a superhero reunion.

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