Monthly Archives: May 2007

Is Akismet less effective than it used to be?

One of the reasons that I moved over to WordPress as a hosting platform was the way that it integrated Akismet into the service. For the most part Akismet has managed to block a great deal of spam and for that I am grateful, however over the past few months I’ve noticed an increasing amount of spam getting through and over the last couple of days it seems to have snowballed. I just spent a good chuck of time emptying out by spam folder trying to filter the garbage out.

Hopefully flagging all those messages as spam will help teach Akismet what is spam and what isn’t. I wonder why it is letting through more than it previously did.

Cut the Politics

Over the past couple of months Darren Neimke has been running the internal Development Centre at Readify. One of the things that has struck me is that despite variable access to resources and loose requirements they have managed to kick a few goals and build some good internal systems and prepare some products for external delivery.

If I compare this to other projects that I’ve seen, sometimes for our clients who are much better resourced (more developers) and who have developed requirements specifications that can be measured in kilograms there is an amazing disparity between the level of productivity achieved in the two different environments.

I’m sure that Darren would tell you that it is down to his management style, processes and some of the tooling that we use internally, part of it is down to the overall Readify culture where we try as much as possible to eschew internal political games. When you have this as part of your culture its much easier to talk honestly about the state of things and figure out what you need to do to move forward.

The thing that made me think about posting this was this post by Raymond Chen. Maybe there is a Polish influence at Readify?

Second Life Meeting Place: Tree House

The folks at Readify are playing around with using Second Life as an virtual workspace for collaboration. One of the first things that we need to do is find places that would serve as good meeting places. If I find interesting places to meet I thought that I might post them to my blog. The first find I’ve got is this tree house.

The URL will take you to the deck outside, I can’t actually figure out how to get inside at the moment as I am still a bit of a newbie 🙂

tdash Music Video (MSFT dash trash).

Ducas has posted up about this cool video by some t-dashes at Microsoft who must be finishing up their internship. At Microsoft, if you aren’t a FTE (Full Time Employee) you get an account that has a dash in it. There are different kinds of accounts, t- (trainee/intern), v- (vendor) and i- (int’l vendor I think).

Anyway – the account naming is a bit like a branding that says your are margarine, not butter 🙂 Having said that I’ve been an i- and later a v- and it was fun! Go dash trash!