What I miss about wired networks.

OK, so when I got into distributed computing (you know, modems, networks and stuff) it was pretty easy to recover from one of those insane moments where you didn’t mean to send an e-mail (FIDOnet mail actually :P), all you had to do was wrip the modem cable out of the wall before the packet of data made it all the way down the wire in the ZMODEM transfer.

Twice in the past week I’e hit CTRL-ENTER to send an e-mail and by the time I got to my Outbox the message had been starting to transfer, however as I looked around to pull out the network cable to stop it (faster than telling the mailbox to go offline) it realised that its really hard to “yank” a wireless cable.

Whenever you get a new technology you win some and you lose some 🙂


4 thoughts on “What I miss about wired networks.

  1. Skware

    Even better yet, setup a rule in outlook to delay sending every message by 1 minute.

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