Wikipedia editing policy … again.

Looks like Frank Arrigo got a page created about him on Wikipedia and it has subsequently been deleted. Frank seems to be taking it well but I suspect that quite a few of the Australian Bloggers are a bit peeved about it right now. Frank is the hub of a lot of blog related goodness in this country and he is really a bit of a figure head for the blogging community here.

Some folks have suggested that the editing done on the Wikipedia is heavily skewed towards the US, I’m not so sure, but I’d like to know what percentage of deletes came from which country.

Surely the people in a country should have some extra weight about what is recorded about their community!


One thought on “Wikipedia editing policy … again.

  1. Delicate Genius

    It seems many of the “delete” comments were from aussies. I reckon it’s just that many wikipedians don’t know how to play nice and I suspect they didn’t have many friends at school 🙂

    But then again to defend their position, they’d have to engage in discussion about it and well, unless they adhere to my specific formatting rules and my specific engagement dialog protocol, I’ll just refuse to commence such a discussion.

    Ohh, and if this is going to be the first time they’re going to commence a conversation with me, i might consider that they’re new to my community and will treat them as a less valid contributer.

    Yes, I’m peeved!

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