Professional Software Developers

There seems to be a recurring discussion at Readify where we discuss what the common or critical traits of a software developer are. I think the reason we constantly discuss it is because we want to make sure that at an individual level we are all up to scratch. I blogged about about it over a year ago with this most about night programmers and day programmers, and Omar has come back with these two posts (one, two), the first which really gets down to the minimum bar.

It is in this context that I’ve started to come to appreciate the concept of a “professional” software developer. I’m not suggesting that there is some exam that you can pass to earn this title because I’ve seem a lot of people pass exams who then can’t go on to effectively do what the exam certified them to do, but I do think that there is a point in your career that you reach where your knowledge and experience comes together to a point where you could tackle most problems thrown at you without getting completely lost.

In keeping with my night programmer/day programmer theme I suggest we call this the sunset moment 🙂


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