TFS Event Handler

I got a track back in my aggregator this morning from Martin Hinshelwood who has been working on the TFS Event Handler project up on CodePlex. It is an interesting idea and I’ve had a little look through the source code, but I am wondering about two things:

  • Is MSMQ really required? I can see why it is being used but I wonder if there might be a better solution because that is a fairly heavy dependency.
  • Looking at the configuration file it seems like the way you “handle” the events is that you add an assembly which gets loaded dynamically. Rather than that I’d prefer to see something more “scripty” like PowerShell being used as the automation language as that would support a more speedy, glue like approach.

Definitely worth looking at though.


2 thoughts on “TFS Event Handler

  1. Martin Hinshelwood

    Hi Mitch,

    Can you think of a better solution than MSMQ? I would be interested to hear of it.

    As to the assembly issue, I do want to reenginer it to use WF with a front end that rehosted the workflow designer and allowed users to create their own workflows. I just have not had time to look at this yet…

    Thanks for the plug though 🙂

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Martin,

    Well I was wondering if the reliable delivery aspect of MSMQ was really required. Couldn’t you just implement it so that it uses an in memory queue and you have a thread that just grabs the next item of the queue.

    With regards to hosting the workflow designer, it is a cute idea, but a lot of the automation stuff that people want to do is more focused on scripting little things that writing significant pieces of code – and workflow isn’t a good procedural coding environment (too complex) – its more of a process backbone.

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