Melbourne-based (again)

Just a quick heads up to let folks know that today I moved to Melbourne. That means that at least on paper I am Melbourne based although I’ll still be traveling quite a bit for the foreseeable future. I’m looking forward to re-connecting with the old user groups and all the people that I had regular contact with when I live in Melbourne previously.


6 thoughts on “Melbourne-based (again)

  1. Dugie

    Dude, you better be still drinking coffee? You *can’t* move to Melbourne and not drink Coffee!

  2. Pat Bettels

    Welcome back to Melbourne Mitch.
    Speaking of user groups, maybe you could do a quick post of what is currently up and running in Melbourne. Things seem to have been a bit quiet lately.
    (Either that, or my name dropped of an email list somewhere…)


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  4. Brett

    Welcome backdude. Let me know if you’re in the Richmond area in the coming couple of weeks

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