Wallet = Single Point of Failure

A few moments ago I couldn’t find my wallet. It wasn’t in my pocket. It wasn’t in my laptop bags. It wasn’t in my luggage. The only other place it could have been was back at Darren’s place where I had stayed last night whilst attending CodeCampSA.

The whole incident reminded me of just how important it is to have your various identification cards available to you. I wasn’t too worried about my credit cards or my key cards, it was all about whether I would be able to get onboard my flight at the end of the day (although granted, it would be hard to pay for a taxi in Sydney without any cash/credit cards).

Wallet’s are a single point of failure, and the fact that they are easily misplaced makes them a particularly unreliable component – which makes it much worse. I would happily go to a series of embedded chips which were impossible for me to lose just to avoid the stress caused by misplacing identification cards.

Fortunately, I’m an idiot. I had simply put my wallet in the wrong laptop bag, and in a difficult to reach location in that laptop bag.


5 thoughts on “Wallet = Single Point of Failure

  1. Jeff Wharton

    Actually, the wallet is not the only problem here. You have over complicated the design by using far too many laptop bags; thus resulting in time being wasted as you try and track down the unreliable component!

  2. murls

    Women now put chips in their arms to avoid pregnancy as alternative to taking a pill every day. Men put a wallet in their back pocket every day. Since we cant have babies maybe we should brave the frountier and go for the electronoic wallet in the arm. I’m game. Actaully I feel a whole new company coming on!

  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Jeff,

    Unfortunately the need for multiple laptop bags is real. I need to be able to dump one safely and just take one laptop with me, or both. In fact, I could design a killer laptop bag, I just don’t know who would build it for me 🙂

  4. Neil

    Places I have found my wallet….
    The security desk at the Jupiters Casino empty of cash but with the cards in tact… (left it in the toilet)

    The boot of the car after 2 weeks (put it down while removing my golf clubs)

    The back of the meat shelf in the freezer, (put it down while unpacking the groceries)

    My mums place… god only knows how it got there, I never visit her…

    The Surfers Paradise Surf club, handed in after found on the beach…

    Qantas Flight lounge (7 times) Virgin Lost property (4 times)

    Yellow cabs lost property… (5 tmes) (I am now on their mailing list)

    In my trouser pocket after going through the wash… and hung on the line… (well I like to launder my money)

    Note… I have had this same wallet for 5 years now… the previous wallet was lost beyond return I am afraid…

    The trick to getting you wallet back is to put all of your ID’s into your computer bag, which has a card compartment built into it… that I never lose… and I never have that much cash… besides when you lose your wallet, its always fun guessing the reaction you will get from your wife…


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