DEV316: Build Server Virtualisation

I was reading this post by Jeff Wharton about the launch of the CommNet site for Tech.Ed 2007 down here in Australia. To be honest I am feeling a little bit guilty because Dave Glover asked for my presentation abstract ages ago and I didn’t send it to him. Anyway, here it is.


The DEV316 session is all about getting the most out of your Team Foundation Server investment with a special focus on build and deployment automation with a virtualisation twist. In this session Mitch will show how to use the following tools together:

  • Team Foundation Server
  • Team Build
  • Virtual Server
  • TFS Integrator
  • TFS Deployer
  • TFS Build Virtualiser
  • TFS Build Progression Guardian

This session is a must for build masters who need to manage complex build requirements and who are constrained by how much computer resources they can throw at the problem.


4 thoughts on “DEV316: Build Server Virtualisation

  1. Chris Kinsman

    Where does one find the last three TFS tools mentioned here? I had not heard of them…

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