On hammers and nails.

I have to admit this post by Paul Stovell had me nodding and smiling, and I also giggled at my own joke when I thought how this kind of discussion would never have happened when Rocky was working for us, mostly because Rocky would have dispatched Chuck Norris to give Paul a round-house kick to the head.

Now, I don’t think that Paul is saying that we shouldn’t have security (and if he is, well, the round-house kick is well deserved), rather I think that Paul is saying that system administration duties need to be distributed to responsible people (and I’d like to think that hammer wielders, are, for the most part fairly responsible).

Just because I’m a software developer doesn’t mean that I’m a cowboy, or maybe I am. Why do cowboys have such a bad name anyway?


3 thoughts on “On hammers and nails.

  1. Paul Stovell

    My point exactly – as a developer, I’m trusted to write code to run on systems, yet I have to go through an administrator to make changes to a build server. If you trust someone to wield a hammer, allow them to hold the nail.

  2. Neil

    The very first people I make friends with in any project are the System Administrator, and the Accountant. You would be amazed at how much time you waste chasing your payment and getting access to system areas….

    I am truly a system admins worst nightmare, and the ultimate ridem cowboy… I am thrown into mission critical situations all the time… and ususally because something mainstream failed miserably and no one can fix it…

    I cant tell you how many temporary solutions I have put in which stayed about for a number of years, or replaced the original project.

    hammer and nails? Mate we are the gunsligners in the new frontier, fighting the apache servers and rallying the colenel clusters…. we are scouting the ridges and repelling the open source hacking hoards…. and for all of that, we are despised by those who fear us…. we carry high spec devices and laugh at the inadequacies of others….

    but whatever you do … dont hit me mate cos I cant solve your problem if im unconscious…


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