Who needs and iPhone? (dot-com)

Aaron Saikovski sent this link around the internal mailing list yesterday. It is for a site called “whoneedsandiphone.com” and the about page tells the story of someone who likes the iPhone interface but really wants that on their Windows Mobile device.

As a Windows Mobile device user, I am happy with the power of the device and all its capabilities (3G etc), however the UI does need some work. It is going to be interesting to see where this project goes, but, perhaps more importantly where Microsoft takes their mobile platform in the future!


2 thoughts on “Who needs and iPhone? (dot-com)

  1. Kevin Daly

    I’d like to see Silverlight implemented on Windows Mobile, with support for the “desklet” feature the Mono guys have implemented for Moonlight, so non-connected applications could take advantage of it as well.
    (The reason I prefer Silverlight to a WPF subset in this case is that it’s likely to be available sooner, and is also more likely to be implementable on Windows Mobile 2003, whereas whereas a fuller WPF subset would probably be limited to WM5 and up, owing to a DirectX dependency).
    Silverlight 1.1 or later would give us something to work with. Managed development in particular on Windows Mobile is unpleasantly like writing VB5 apps.

  2. murls

    “UI does need some work” – Massive understatement. Windows on a phone has never really worked in my opinion. But the iPone doesnt have app support yet so we are stuck in no mans land.

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