Farewell Trackballs

I’ve been a long time track ball user. In fact I hate using mice, especially ones with cables, or ones with low batteries that never seem to work so well. Unfortunately I lost my last trackball at Tech.Ed 2005 on the Gold Coast and haven’t been able to find a replacement.

It was a Microsoft Trackball and my hopes of getting it replaced were dashed when I went to the Microsoft Company Store in Seattle earlier this year, and they no longer stocked them. That means that the sole remaining provider of trackballs in the market is Logitech.

Unfortunately the precise shape of the trackball matters and I’m not comfortable enough with any of the current Logitech designs to invest the money.

This general apathy for the current trackball designs, and my need to have a pointing device I can use to easily drive presentations drove me to purchase the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 (gotta love those product names).

So far I’ve been generally impressed with the device, it is fairly accurate for a mouse. The real test is how well it works during a presentation as I stomp around the stage (I tend to walk around a little bit – maybe I should use a Wii controller as a pointer :P).


8 thoughts on “Farewell Trackballs

  1. Pat Bettels

    Have you tried eBay ?
    Searching for “Microsoft Trackball” finds plenty of them from around the world.


  2. murls

    I’ll keep an eyeout for the old trackball buddy. You never know when you might stumble across one in a bargin bin. 🙂

  3. Anna van Steel

    I am a Microsoft Optical Trackball (not the explorer) user from way back when they first came out (about 10 yrs) and mine has died this week. Now my geeky hubby has a variety of trackballs and mice, different brands, shapes and setups but NONE of them compare to my old trackball. They don’t fit the hand, give me hand ache and just don’t feel right. The hunt is on to find a replacement of my old one. Yes Logitech have taken over the trackball market but I am sure there must be a small little computer shop some place here in Aust. that has one tucked away gathering dust. I will keep looking and maybe one day will succeed in finding one. Anna

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