Checking my work items from the airport.

Well, its Sunday evening and I am at Melbourne Airport about to hop on a plane to Adelaide. Since I’ve got half an hour before my flight boards I though I would take a quick look at the work items that are assigned to me in the TFS Now team project.

As part of our internal dog-fooding of TFS Now we decided to migrate a number of our internal DevCentre projects into the hosted solution. The TFS Now code base itself was actually part of that migration and that means that when I look at my work items here at the airport, I am actually connecting across the Internet to our own dedicated TFS server just like our customers will.

Mobility for development team members (project managers, testers, and developers) is actually one of the big benefits that we think TFS Now provides to customers. It is certainly very important for the TFS Now team because we are split between Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

Anyway – I need to triage my work items so I better hit publish on this blog post.


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