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Who needs and iPhone? (dot-com)

Aaron Saikovski sent this link around the internal mailing list yesterday. It is for a site called “” and the about page tells the story of someone who likes the iPhone interface but really wants that on their Windows Mobile device.

As a Windows Mobile device user, I am happy with the power of the device and all its capabilities (3G etc), however the UI does need some work. It is going to be interesting to see where this project goes, but, perhaps more importantly where Microsoft takes their mobile platform in the future!


Who is going to the Tech.Ed Influencer Party?

Jeff Wharton has asked me to help getting the word out to MVP’s and MCT’s who happen to be attending Tech.Ed 2007 (Australian Edition) about an”Influencer Party“.

I am, and its not just because I’m a self obsessed ego-maniac. I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the usual suspects who I only ever get to see once a year – should be good!

If you are up for it, head on over to Wardy IT to register.

Robert Scobe reads feeds the same way I do.

I watched this video up on the Google Reader blog where they were talking to Robert Scoble about how he uses Google Reader to process all the feeds that he does each day. We pretty much work the same way in that regard, I find that I have too much to read and not enough time so I need to skim through and tag the things that I am interested in.

Today I just cut over to using Google Reader to see how it works out or me, until now I was using Bloglines which is good but it is just too slow with the number of feeds that I have, and now that I am back on high speed Internet most of the time I can afford to use more bytes on the wire (not a cost thing, a time thing once again).

So far the experience has been pretty good and I am sure that long time users like Darren Neimke are going to give me a bit of a ribbing when they see that I have finally cut over to using it.

What am I going to do in the next 6 months to be a better developer?

Looks like I just got tagged by Daniel Moth. The meme that is being spread is about what I am going to do over the next 6 months to be a better developer. Hrm, interesting.

I must admit that I’ve been struggling to find a new passion over the past twelve months. The work that I’ve been doing with Team Foundation Server has been pretty much all consuming.

As I’ve started to surface from this self imposed exile to “tools land” I’m finding that my thoughts are turning to the users of the software that we create as I try to understand their motivations and how we can design software that meets their needs.

In my next six months as a developer I am going to keep up to date on the latest around of Microsoft developer technologies but I am going to change how I apply them such that the maximum benefit can be realised for the end users. In other words I’m going to be less concerned with architectural purity and more concerned with listening to the people that matter most!

So – who am I going to tag:

You’re it!

DEV316: Build Server Virtualisation

I was reading this post by Jeff Wharton about the launch of the CommNet site for Tech.Ed 2007 down here in Australia. To be honest I am feeling a little bit guilty because Dave Glover asked for my presentation abstract ages ago and I didn’t send it to him. Anyway, here it is.


The DEV316 session is all about getting the most out of your Team Foundation Server investment with a special focus on build and deployment automation with a virtualisation twist. In this session Mitch will show how to use the following tools together:

  • Team Foundation Server
  • Team Build
  • Virtual Server
  • TFS Integrator
  • TFS Deployer
  • TFS Build Virtualiser
  • TFS Build Progression Guardian

This session is a must for build masters who need to manage complex build requirements and who are constrained by how much computer resources they can throw at the problem.

On hammers and nails.

I have to admit this post by Paul Stovell had me nodding and smiling, and I also giggled at my own joke when I thought how this kind of discussion would never have happened when Rocky was working for us, mostly because Rocky would have dispatched Chuck Norris to give Paul a round-house kick to the head.

Now, I don’t think that Paul is saying that we shouldn’t have security (and if he is, well, the round-house kick is well deserved), rather I think that Paul is saying that system administration duties need to be distributed to responsible people (and I’d like to think that hammer wielders, are, for the most part fairly responsible).

Just because I’m a software developer doesn’t mean that I’m a cowboy, or maybe I am. Why do cowboys have such a bad name anyway?