Using TFS Now to fix up issues in TFS Now!

Thanks to Tatham Oddie we now know about a CSS/image roll over issue on the TFS Now homepage. I’m actually sitting at a hotel having breakfast right now and I didn’t want to let the suggestion that Tatham made fall through the cracks – so I’ve logged a bug (work item 692 in our work item store for those who are counting).


Looking at Tatham’s solution I’m a little bit concerned about how some browsers might handle moving the image, and in the end, as Tatham says it may not be worth fixing. I’ve added the bug anyway and it can get prioritized using the normal process.

Thanks Tatham!

Footnote: The observant amongst you will notice that I am actually using Visual Studio 2008 to log this bug!


3 thoughts on “Using TFS Now to fix up issues in TFS Now!

  1. Tatham Oddie

    Hey Mitch,

    I’ve updated my post with a response to your concern about cross-browser support. It’s something I should have covered in the original post.

    I agree with you that at this point it’s not worth fixing, however there are clear advantages to using the technique from day 0 for new interfaces.

    — Tat

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