Upcoming User Group Presentations

QVSTSUG Logo Just a quick note to say that I will be presenting at two users groups in Brisbane over the next week or so. The first group that I will be presenting at is the Queensland VSTS User Group run by Anthony Borton. In this session I’ll be presenting on TFS Integrator and TFS Deployer, both of which are tools developed by Chris Burrows from Readify.

So why am I posting this on the TFS Now blog? Well TFS Integrator is actually pre-installed on TFS Now instances and is ready to use. Depending on what connectivity is like up on the stage I may end up using the Readify TFS Now instance to demonstrate how the tools work. You can find out all the details about this session on the cool WSS site that Anthony has set up.

The other presentation that I am giving is at the Queensland MSDN User Group which I have posted about over on my personal blog.


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