Thanks sysadmin-guy!

So this is going to be one of those rare blog posts where I thank a system administrator. In this case it is our outgoing system administrator Grant Holliday who just gave me more space on Exchange:


Thanks Grant! As it happens I was considering what I should do. The problem is all that space isn’t actually just stuff that I am hoarding (I delete almost all my e-mails), it is my “Sent Items” folder which I find is useful as a replacement for my failing memory.

I could pull it all out and put it into a separate PST file but then I would loose that file. On the other hand having such a big Exchange store means that it creates problems for disaster recovery and also when I rebuild my machine.

What to do…


3 thoughts on “Thanks sysadmin-guy!

  1. Grant

    *shh* you’re not supposed to tell anyone! 🙂
    Just kidding.

    I’ve just started using for offsite backup. It seems like a pretty nice solution.

  2. Andrew Matthews


    I remember back in the dim and distant past (i.e. before the WWW) when about the only thing there was to download was the complete works of Shakespeare. In compressed format it come to a (then) whopping 4MB.

    You have 2GB of stuff in your sent email folder.

    Apropos Nothing, I’m reading an interesting book on quantum computing and information theory, called How to Program the Universe, by Seth Lloyd. he has an interesting section on calculating the number of monkeys needed to man typewriters in order type out the complete works of ShakeSpeare. It seems that you need more monkeys than there are atoms in the universe. and 14 Billion Years just isn’t long enough.

    Of course, he’d never encountered the Readify Tech list’s time, space and verbiage dilation effects, so what does he know, eh?

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