Where am I at with things…

  1. Twitter offline (sporadically).
  2. E-mail appears to be start/stop, but this could be caused by Office Communicator weirdness.
  3. Not enough bandwidth to play YouTube music videos (but still just enough for POP3 spam to arrive – does SPAM get a higher QOS or something?).

Anyway – here is what I am trying to achieve for today/tomorrow:

  1. Resolve the issue on TFSNow/D0001 instance.
  2. Follow up on rollback implementation for build virtualizer.
  3. Talk to Chris about future plans for TFS Integrator/Deployer.
  4. Finish off Q2.
  5. Added: Figure out how to get VS2008 solution files building with Team Build 2005/MSBuild 1.0.

D0001 is the Readify TFS Now instance and we observed an error. We aren’t sure why it started happening but was fixed along with another related issue so I can cross that one off for now (will revisit I am sure).

The build virtualizer is a piece of technology that we use inside TFS Now. It is functioning right now be we are still adding little features to it here and there so I need to follow up with Paul Stovell on that.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Chris Burrows and I are again looking at features for TFS Integrator and TFS Deployer. Hopefully we can catch up tomorrow to talk about it and lay out a bit of a product road map.

Q2 is one of my pet projects. I have a Team Project inside our TFS Now instance called Q. I’m a bit of a James Bond fan, and in particular I love the role that Q plays. The idea for the Q team project is that it will have a number of numbered sub-projects (Q1, Q2, etc) which solve a specific problem that I’ve identified. Necessity is the mother of invention so everything that is in there should have some underlying need.

Finally, I was talking on the phone with Darren Neimke last night who was lamenting the fact that it isn’t possible to build .NET 3.5 projects from VS2008 under Team Build 2005.


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