Working from Melbourne Next Week

I’m working from Melbourne next week. I’ve pretty much been on the road non-stop for the last five to six months with usually only a few days at home during the week. Some weeks I never went home and did two weeks straight on the road and stayed somewhere other than my “home-base”.

I have to say that this is something that I’ve been looking forward to for over a month. It was going to be this week (it’s late Friday night here) but for various reasons I had to push it back a week.

During the coming week I’ll be doing on some internal work for TFS Now around getting even greater automation for our customers. My overall plan of atack is going to be:

  • Monday
    • Start the day at a cafe so that I can plan my week from a deliverable perspective.
  • Tuesday
    • Work from home for the whole day.
  • Wednesday
    • Work from the “office” for the whole day.
  • Thursday
    • Find somewhere in the city to work from depending on my bandwidth requirements.
  • Friday
    • Probably work from home in the morning and then head into the city for Beer ‘o’ Clock.

Jealous? Well you could always apply for a job at Readify 🙂


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