Coffee & Free Wireless

I caught a tram into the city this afternoon to grab a coffee and do some grocery shopping. I decided to stop at the Hudsons Coffee joint on Elizabeth Street. The service and coffee was good (meaning that it was fast and it has caffeine in it).

 Whilst sitting in the upstairs mezzanine I decided to crack out the laptop and look up some recipes (so I know what to get when I go grocery shopping). Anyway, I was just about to dial out on my 3G connection when I noticed a free hotspot coming from next door at Mag Nation.

The idea behind Mag Nation (according to their web-site – I am still sitting next door in Hudsons Coffee whilst using the Mag Nation hotspot) is that you go in grab a coffee, read the magazines and if you want to buy one you can.

I’m thinking that it’ll be a great place to hang out if I ever need a hotspot during the week. I think I may have found my starting point for Monday!


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