Please (don’t) board from the rear of the plane.

So I spend a little bit of time traveling. So far this year I can count catching around 59 flights and one of the little frustrations that I come across on a regular basis is when we are asked to board simultaneously from both ends of the plane based on the their seat number.

In theory this should lead to a quicker boarding process, but what invariably happens is that:

  1. Someone has a medical condition that board from the rear.
  2. Someone can’t following simple instructions.

If I was being kind I’d say that number one is the more common scenario, but more often than not its number two (because I see just as many people trying to get to seat 5F by boarding the rear of the plane!!

I’m not sure how they tested dual boarding procedures, but I suspect that they probably got a whole bunch of hosties and practiced boarding the plane. The problem with hosties is that they they probably got it right every time.

I think that if they built a computer simulation and put a random (1) and (2) amongst the passengers they could see that the boarding process is significantly slowed down in a dual boarding situation.


2 thoughts on “Please (don’t) board from the rear of the plane.

  1. paul stovell

    Compounding that problem is a law of nature that says the first passenger to arrive in a given row is almost always in the aisle seat, while the next is in the middle seat, and the second in the window seat. So as you slowly make your way from the rear to your seat, behind Mr. Row5, you’re blocked by Mr. Aisle having to get out of his seat to let Mr. Middle and Mr. Window through.

    If they were going to split the boarding, I think it should be Window seat people first, then middle, then aisle.

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