Which state do I take public holidays in?

I once heard a rumor that air crew on commercial airlines had this quirk in their conditions where they got the public holiday loading of all the territories that they flew over. For example, if they were a Brisbane based crew flying to Adelaide and they flew over New South Wales on a public holiday then they were entitled to public holiday loading.

Now I don’t know if that is true or not, but given that I am often working interstate I sometimes have trouble figuring out which public holidays I should observe. For example, from time to time I’ve worked interstate whilst my home town had a public holiday so that I could fit in with a clients scheduling with a view of having a day off at some other point in time.

I don’t suppose it really matters. This coming Monday it is Labour day in New South Wales and my client’s office won’t be working. As a result I’ll be spending most of Monday in Melbourne. I figure that it might give me an opportunity to catch up on a few side projects and tidy up some loose ends on code I have shipped recently.


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