Monthly Archives: October 2007

Looking forward to meeting up with Joe Schwetz!

Chuck is getting the word out about Joe Schwetz (TFS Program Manager) coming to Australia to meet with users of the product. I’m looking forward to getting an opportunity to talk to Joe about TFS Now and talk about some of our current pain points as well as some of the ways that we have innovated on top of the platform.

The thing I am wondering is – where is Joe’s blog?

Upcoming Tech Community Events in Sydney

I seem to be spending a fair bit of time in Sydney lately. So here is the list of upcoming community events for the next few weeks.

I’ll definitely be at the RDN session, and I hope to make SBTUG and SDNUG as well. Not sure if I’ll be in town for the SSW group.

TFS 2008 BETA 2 VPC’s expiring prematurely.

Jeff Beehler at Microsoft is letting folks know about an issue that they have identified in the TFS 2008 BETA 2 VPC’s that they had distributed where they are expiring prematurely on November the 1st. He is asking folks to get the word out to let them know that they need to backup their databases and get ready to migrate to a new VPC that they will ship in about a weeks time.

In order to do the preparation you need to follow this documentation on moving Team Foundation Server. If you don’t get this done then its going to be a little bit trickier I would imagine because you’ll need to get the new VPC, mount the old VPC as a D: drive and then copy the database files off, but in terms of recovery process – you are in uncharted territory as far as supported TFS documentation goes.

Working Outdoors 2.0

Dugie sent me a link to this awesome little picture on the Sci-Fi web-site. The picture seems to have come from the Yanko Design web-site. Basically it is an outdoors work area.

If I understand what I am seeing correctly the side can swivel around the base which would make sense for minimizing glare on computer screens. It would be cool to see these kinds of things appearing in public spaces, however I suspect that most councils couldn’t afford it.

Good idea though – would be cool if it was powered and also served as a hotspot. If you had 20 or so of them along the Yarra River it we would be well covered for wireless connectivity.