Working Outdoors 2.0

Dugie sent me a link to this awesome little picture on the Sci-Fi web-site. The picture seems to have come from the Yanko Design web-site. Basically it is an outdoors work area.

If I understand what I am seeing correctly the side can swivel around the base which would make sense for minimizing glare on computer screens. It would be cool to see these kinds of things appearing in public spaces, however I suspect that most councils couldn’t afford it.

Good idea though – would be cool if it was powered and also served as a hotspot. If you had 20 or so of them along the Yarra River it we would be well covered for wireless connectivity.

1 thought on “Working Outdoors 2.0

  1. wilecoyote

    All thats missing from it is MARVIN THE MARTIAN and the teleport electrodes….

    Oh and the Yarra is covered for hot spots… some of them are even free.

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