Best documentation yet for TFS Deployer

I just got an e-mail from Aaron Corcoran who read about TFS Deployer from this old blog post of mine. Aaron found a few holes in the documentation and decided to put a post up on his blog with some updated pointers. Thanks Aaron!


3 thoughts on “Best documentation yet for TFS Deployer

  1. Aaron Corcoran

    Thanks for the publicity. It only came about after running my head repeatedly against the wall in my office =). This tool just brings a tear to my eye, as it is so easy to utilize.

  2. Jason Stangroome

    Hi Mitch,

    We are using a TFS 2005 build server with TFS Integrator and TFS Deployer… great tools. We are about to upgrade to TFS 2008 and I understand that some CI features are now built in but, to your knowledge, are the other features of Integrator and Deployer still compatible and/or necessary?



  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Jason,

    The DR stuff should still work with TFS2008. As should TFS Deployer, however I am about to open source a lot of this stuff up on CodePlex, including newer versions of tools that do the same thing as TFS integrator. When I do this I’ll make sure that the release for TFS 2005 works, then I will branch and stabilise for TFS 2008.

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