Zune Update #6

Well I said I would post back when I had a chance to play with the updated device firmware on the Zune after the upgrade. I have to say I like the improvements in the UI, I guess there is only so much that they can do with the device but the new UI seems to be a little bit more polished.

Interestingly I ran out of space on my Zune, or at least the new Zune software wouldn’t let me sync. I looked at the available space and I saw this:


Apparently it is some kind of glitch, and according to this post I need to delete my database file and re-index my content. That is a bit of a pain but I guess I’ll need to do it (a bit of a bummer because I had actually started to use the new love/hate rating system).

What I am going to do this time is tell the Zune software not to automatically sync all my content. My idea is that I’ll be more selective and allow more room for larger files like videos and podcasts.

Having said that – I’m starting to see the appeal of the Zune 80GB – if only it came in brown…


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