Australian politics on FaceBook.

I noticed this little sponsored advertisement on my FaceBook today:


For my international audience, Australian’s go to the polls next week to vote for their local members in the federal election. Based on the outcome the major political party with “come into power” and the Prime Minister will be chosen (the Prime Minister is just a member of parliament like everyone else).

There are really only two candidates for Prime Minister given the more than likely outcome out of the election, John Howard and Kevin Rudd. John Howard will be Prime Minister if the Coalition wins enough seats, and Kevin Rudd will be Prime Minister if Labor wins enough seats.

The advertisement above looks like it was placed by The Greens. Historically The Greens have been aligned with the environmental movement in Australia, but to be honest their policy platform is a little bit more broad than that and since the environment and climate change has become a major issue this election they are bound to get a greater percentage of the votes than in previous years.

Hrm, forgot where I was going with this, but since we are exposed to so much of the U.S. political system I thought some folks might be interested in what happens here in Australia.


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