Earth Sandwich?

Hrm – I’m tempted to take this challenge, surely it wouldn’t be too hard to do with a 3D map of earth and two people approximately close to the selected poles, and two military grade GPS devices 🙂

As a (rather big) aside, ever since getting my Zune (and updating to the latest software) I’ve started getting back into podcasts, and in-particular I’ve found my tastes turning to shorter shows in the five to fifteen minute range. Some of the shows that fit that description are:

I think the reason is that I can usually afford to steal a few minutes to listen or watch the entertaining material, but getting thirty minutes or more to listen to something that I need to think a lot about is much harder, and I’m more likely to look for a textual version of the same content because it has higher information density.


One thought on “Earth Sandwich?

  1. Luke

    Might be kind of tough if you’re planning to make your half of the sandwhich on Australian soil as it’s a really long swim to the middle of the North Atlantic 🙂

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