Things I never want to give up.

As we get towards the end of the year people are starting to evaluate the personal and professional lives and pull together action plans for the future. Part of this process is understanding what is good and worth keeping (its kind of depressing if you just focus on the negatives all the time).

Andrew Parsons has posted up some of his observations about a recent experience at work where a team of our guys were deploying the new version of the Readify web-site and how the tools of a virtual organisation were really exploited.

When I am out in the field I usually spend a bit of time explaining to customers about how Readify makes use of the various tools at our disposal and they are surprised at how much “stuff” we get without even really having to ask for it. I tend to explain this away as the company recognising the value of employees that are enabled with the right tools and relying on us to use them wisely.

The things that keep me at Readify are:

  • Our internal “technical” mailing list; this is the heartbeat of the company. Not only is it the place that you can access the collective intelligence of the organisation, but it is also where you can have a bit of fun.
  • Trust in me; this is a big one. A lot of employees at other companies seem to start out there with the premise that they aren’t trusted. I don’t feel like that at Readify, I feel that I am trusted implicitly.
  • The culture; this is certainly an important one. Part of it is enabled by the technical mailing list, but the other part of it is the ability to reach anyone in the organisation and have a very blunt conversation about issues and then watch as appropriate resources are used to correct any issues.

These are the things that I never want to give up.


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