I like it when new tools for Team Foundation Server come into public view. OpenGuantlet is a tool from Leon Mayne which works with the version control system (shelvesets) and the build system to support manual and automated code review of check-ins before they get checked in.

It is an interesting approach to implementing something similar to Microsoft’s quality gates, although I suspect for Microsoft it is less about an automated process and more about a bunch of manual checks (i.e. is the documentation completed, is the code localised), but still, its good to have an interception point for some of those manual checks.


2 thoughts on “OpenGauntlet

  1. David M. Kean

    Actually, I think you’re mixing up quality gates with check-in gates. While some of Microsoft’s quality gates, such as Code Analysis, Code Coverage, etc could also be enforced by the gauntlet (and in some teams it is), it’s usually about running build-verfication tests (BVTs) before an actual check-in makes into the tree.

    For example, whereas with continuous integration, the build and tests are run after the check-in has been made, with gauntlets these are run before and the check-in is rejected if anything fails.

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi David,

    I quite possibly mixed up what OpenGauntlet was doing. I’m more interested in the not-so-automatable quality gates like verifying availability of documentation etc.

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