Mood == Prickly

I’m in a bit of a prickly mood right now. Its been a long month with lots of unexpected work, expected (yet strangely not catered for) interruptions. I’ve got deadlines to meet and family commitments. Others working with me are in the same situation or worse – so I can’t blame them.

What I don’t appreciate however is those who could be a little bit flexible not lending a hand to ease the burden a little bit, but instead finding it more fun (for them) to make me feel extra bad (thus increasing my stress levels further) when I slip a little. And I better not dare ask for help.

Fortunately I believe in Karma. So should some other people.



2 thoughts on “Mood == Prickly

  1. Jared

    Life always gets crazy around the holidays. Hopefully things will even out for you sooner rather than later. I’m going through something similar right now so you can at least take comfort in the fact that there are others suffering with you.

  2. Kieran Jacobsen

    I work with someone who well, sounds like those you are describing. He is very frustrating. In two weeks I have an AD migration of 150 servers in 4 days, it would be nice if he could help.

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