Obsolete: TFS Integrator

Today I finished publishing a number of tools under the MIT license to CodePlex. Two of these tools represent a replacement for a single tool that Readify released last year called TFS Integrator. If you are currently using TFS Integrator I strongly recommend that you adopt “TFS Continuous Integrator” and “TFS Dependency Replicator“.

TFS Integrator originally included two features, support for continuous integration, and support for dependency replication. Now that Team Foundation Server 2008 is released the continuous integration functionality of TFS Integrator is now redundant so we decided to split the functionality out into two separate tools.

Moving forward TFS Continuous Integrator will just contain the continuous integration functionality for customers who are still running Team Foundation Server 2005, however TFS Dependency Replicator will be updated to support Team Foundation Server 2008 (it already supports Team Foundation Server 2005).

By open sourcing the tools under the MIT license we hope to address any concerns our customers have about the maintenance of the software moving forward (because they can get the code and maintain it themselvesm if necessary).

Note that some customers reported that TFS Integrator had some stability problems. We are confident that these two new releases address those concerns. We drastically simplified the implementation (less code = less complexity = less bugs), but also changed it so that rather than relying on the TFS evening system, we actually poll the repository which leads to less comms related issues.

Finally, in addition to releasing TFS Continuous Integrator and TFS Dependency Replicator we have also released TFS Build Virtualizer and TFS File Sharer.


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