This video on YouTube shows off a new UI called Pointui for Windows Mobile. Very cool, I hope the Windows Mobile team is taking notes, the WM user community is ready of a UI upgrade, and I don’t just mean putting gradients on the background of the existing UI.

One interesting thing that I noted was the carrier being used in the demo. Looks like this might be an Australian invention.


Thanks to Jason Langridge for pointing this out on his blog.


12 thoughts on “Pointui

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  2. Omar Rehman

    Cool interface. Cant wait to update my device interface, additionally interfaces provided by SBP are no doubt great but i would like to try some other too. 🙂

  3. JosephCooney

    Hi Mitch – No doubt this is some nice eye-candy, my HTC touch has a bunch of similar nice animated transitions, gestures and 3D etc, the problem is at some point you “break thru” the customized shell and you’re back into [fairly] boring old windows mobile land. Still, kudos to those guys for showing the way.

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Joseph,

    Yeah, and we saw as much in the demo where it jumped back into the old phone dialer. Part of the problem is that so much of the system functionality is baked into the software, rather than underlying APIs.

  5. Steven Ringo

    Must be Australian:

    Owner, Billing Contact:
    Joel Edwards (ID00035605)
    1 Pointui Road
    Pointui, Madness 3344
    Phone: +61.111222333
    Email: ********@runningant.com

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  9. ajclarkson

    this is a pretty nice UI i was thinking of posting a review type thing of it when I have had a bit more experience, Im thinking it drains battery life like no tomorrow though =[

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