A trip to the beach.

In the last couple of days I have purchased a car (picked it up on Monday actually). I’ve already done about 500kms in it in the last couple of days between picking up Bella, and going to the beach a couple of times as well as some other miscellaneous running around.

Yesterday Bella and I went to the beach at St. Kilda which was looking a little worse of wear after the New Years Eve celebrations – quite a few broken bottles on the beach. So today I thought we might go further afield to find some better quality sand and coast.

We ended up in Dromana which is actually quite nice. There were a few jellies in the water and up on the beach but nothing for us to worry about. I enjoy getting down to the beach but to be honest I really miss the fine soft sand from the sunshine coast in Queensland near where I grew up – its hard to find sand that good.


3 thoughts on “A trip to the beach.

  1. Dugie

    Ahh yes, the Sunshine coast has some gorgeous beaches. Now that you have a new car, you should contemplate a road trip! 🙂

  2. Tim Yen

    Dromana and McCrae used to be cleaner before the number of people increased and the number of storm water drains going into the water increased too.

    Also the new marina at Dromana has affected things.

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