Goals 2008

*drum roll*

So last year, at the end of 2006, I posted up my goals for 2007, and towards the end of 2007, I posted up a review of how I went with those goals. This year I’m going to take a similar approach to setting my goals where I evaluate my one, two, five, ten and twenty year vision.

With that in mind here are my goals for this coming year:

  • Personal Goals
    • Goal: Strengthen my bond with Bella.
      • Action: Spend more time with Bella.
      • Action: Get involved in some kind of regular social activity.
    • Goal: Have fun and get fit.
      • Action: Get back into Scuba diving.
      • Action: Get into doing something at the beach, like kite surfing, or kayaking.
    • Goal: Embrace my inner nomad.
      • Action: When I travel overseas, take time to explore.
      • Action: Don’t worry about “moving”, just worry about spending time where you want to spend time.
  • Career Goals
    • Goal: Keep Readify the place I want to work.
      • Action: Fight any potential bozo leaks.
      • Action: Help others in the company achieve things.
      • Action: Help find the interesting gigs.
    • Goal: Start building my venture team.
      • Action: Figure out what the positions on the team are.
      • Action: Find people to fill those positions.
      • Action: Evaluate venture ideas.
      • Action: Execute on one new venture idea.
  • Financial Goals
    • Goal: Remain debt free (other than short term debt).
      • Action: Pay off my new car quickly.
      • Action: Don’t over spend on my credit card.
    • Goal: Get into home ownership.
      • Action: Decide what and where to buy.
      • Action: Save the deposit.
      • Action: Jump in feet first.

Some of that might sound pretty cryptic, but it makes sense to me. Obviously I don’t want to lock myself in too much on HOW I am going to achieve these things, but I’ve got a few ideas.


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