Michael Kordahi wants to see my man boobs…

When I was last at the Microsoft Australia headquarters in North Ryde I caught up with Michael Kordahi. You may know him as Delicate Genius. While I was there he gave me a shirt to help promote his blog (he is loosely attached to a marketing organisation, so his overt marketing schemes are forgiven).

Anyway – when I posted up about Pointui I pinged my blog with this (not so) subtle reminder that I had agreed to blog a photo with me wearing the shirt.



At the time I said it would probably be the trigger for my next blog post, but sadly I found something else to blog about and the shirt sat in the bottom of my bag until today when I brought it out (and ironed it).

So – without further ado, here is a photo of me wearing the shirt.


The second shot is a little bit blurry because I needed to apply Vaseline to hide my receding hairline. Unfortunately the shirt is a little bit too small to wear every day (shows up my man boobs too much). However – I do wonder whether that was Michael’s true intention and whether he is collecting all the photos of people wearing his shirt so it can put them into some weird fetish calendar.

If he isn’t careful he will attract the ire of the Department of Internets.


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